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Welcome to my massage studio in Toulouse


My studio in Toulouse

Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm

First of all, let me write a few words on my long massage experience.

It has been through the practice of a martial art, Shintaido, that I ended up to be trained in Amma massage in San Francisco in 1993 at the Amma Institute. From that day my adventure in the Wellness environment began.

I very quickly practiced a lot, lived abroad, attracted a demanding clientele, learned other well-being massage techniques, different approaches to energy care, reflexology, fasciatherapy, aesthetics, trained spa practitioners, created treatment protocols and I am still open to discover new techniques !

Today I am in Toulouse, I help you to feel and be better in your body, more available on a daily basis, calmer, more enthusiastic, more present. You are in good hands - Guaranteed




Outside my studio ...


On site

Amma chair massage !


At work, Wellness week, Special Events, 

Exhibition, birthday or Christmas party, anniversary...


Signature Combo massage

It is my personal touch, it has been constantly evolving for more than 25 years. It is a subtle, soft and deep mixture of different Eastern and Western techniques, combining pressure, kneading, smoothing, breathing and stretching.


Fully personalized, with an intuitive approach and different rhythms, it provides deep relaxation for a real reconnection with your body as a whole. 


Shiatsu - Amma

It is a traditional Japanese massage which aims at relaxation and energy circulation through the hands, in a rigorous sequence directed at specific points called Tsubos , located on the acupuncture meridians, where vital energy flows. It is an art at the service of well-being



The massage is carried out on a person dressed with comfortable clothes on a massage table or a futon on the floor.


Visit my massage studio in Toulouse

Fees for Combo or Shiatsu massage

90 minutes 92 €
60 minutes 78 €
45 minutes

67 €

    A litlle more ...

  • An herbal tea will be offered at the end of each massage
  • Easy to park nearby the studio, to secure bicycles and scooters - Public transport : L9 Bus stop : Croix-Daurade
  • I am ready to welcome you 10 minutes before your session starts. I invite you and recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to really start on time and take full advantages of this unique moment that is yours.

NEW ! January 2024

The Booster

30 mn of Boost - fully dressed

The best in revitalising

New Massage in Toulouse 

You are sure to offer or treat yourself to an accessible massage.

You stay dressed, you have the choice between 3 forms of massage, the price is sweet

  • Amma seated massage - Sitting on the ergonomic chair, the work is done on the back, arms, hands, neck and skull with palm and fingers pressure
  • Feet Massage - Lying on the massage table, your feet, toes and ankles will be awakened. It's surprisingly relaxing
  • Stretch massage - Sitting, lying or standing  you will receive gentle stretches along the path of the meridians

Fees : 30mn-39€  

Signature Tepoe Experience

90 mn or 120 mn

Signature TEPOE experience - The Pearl of well-beeing


“ Tepoe ” means Pearl in Tahitian. I created this massage to honor each Unique Woman with an unique massage... as is each Tahitian Black Pearl


It is a well-being massage that begins with a gentle and deep back massage with warm Monoï, followed by a face massage with Tahitian black pearls to drain and revitalise the skin ! A really unique gift for a unique woman - This experience is highlited for Christmas or Mother's Day 


Watch Tepoe Massage here !

Offer only for Christmas and Mother's day

Digital gift card available

A cup of herbal tea will be offered at the end of each session

Easy to park nearby 

Public transport : Bus L9 - Bus stop : Croix-Daurade

Well-being workshop

Done to relax

Give yourself a morning, a day, a week-end, as a couple, with a friend or in a group, for a Well-being workshop that allows you to take a break, take care of each other, take care of yourself and develop a sense of well-being. These workshops will allow you to find harmony, balance and to be able to relax with family or friends.




To give, to receive, to share

I offer you simple practices to use and apply on a daily basis

First you take care of yourself with a body awakening or introduction to Postural Stretching ®, self-massages, then you work as pair and start to take care of each other with massage and stretching techniques for two, to relax each other.


The Ki relax workshops are open to all those who wish to explore and share the richness of the language of touch, an extraordinary means of relaxation and communication 

The workshops do not require any special knowledge. Only wishing to give receive and share is highly recommanded !

Workshops are led in small groups from 2 persons (private session) to 10 persons

Contact me for more details