Christmas 2023

Signature Tepoe Experience

90 mn ou 120 mn

Signature TEPOE experience - The Pearl of well-beeing


“ Tepoe ” means Pearl in Tahitian. I created this massage to honor each Unique Woman with an unique massage... as is each Tahitian Black Pearl


It is a well-being massage that begins with a gentle and deep back massage with warm Monoï, followed by a face massage with Tahitian black pearls to drain and revitalise the skin ! A really unique gift for a unique woman - Your Mom...or the Mom of your children !


Watch Tepoe Massage here !

Offer only for Christmas and Mother's day

Fees : 90mn-99€ / 120mn-132€ 


Special Xmas 23 : 90mn - 90€

The Essentials

60 mn

Shiatsu Amma Or

Signature Combo Oil massage

  • Shiatsu Amma is given on a futon on the floor or on a massage table. Shiatsu Amma is received fully closed
  • Signature Combo is a massage evolving for more than 20 years with a panel of different techniques adapted for you 

Special Offer for Christmas, Valentine day & Father's day

Fees :45mn-67€ / 60mn-78€ / 90mn-92€ 


Special Xmas 23 : 60mn - 74€